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Animal Management System

The Aldolex Animal Management System caters for the management of all equine requirements for a Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO).
The main features are as follows:

  • Animal Registration including automatic UELN generation based on the Microchip. Other features include allowance for up to 4 Microchips, identification of Foodchain Status based on EU Legislation, Animal Breeds/ Classes, Ownership, Breeder, Naming + Previous Name History
  • Marking Chart management and automated electronic filing, automated image cropping for inclusion on the passport
  • Passport generation according to current EU Legislation (including identification of Foodchain status, inclusion of Marking Chart, automatic identification of Duplicates etc.)
  • Microchip Management including purchasing/ issuing, identification of duplicates etc.
  • Coverings Management system incorporating a DNA management system (currently set up for Weatherbys DNA Results files)
  • Full Person Account Management for management of Client details such as Address, Comments, Queries and full monetary management for Account Balances in more than on currency
  • GDPR Compliance Management for each Client allowing creation and management of custom GDPR classes
  • Full auditing of Animal data changes (original adn new values stored along with date/ User/ reason for change
  • Full range of reports including Animal Pedigree/ Progeny, Animal Ownership, Client Account Balance/ Transactions, Address Labels, Detailed SAles, Sales Summary, VAT Returns, Cash Lodgements/ Withdrawls and much more
  • Animal Inspection and Linear Profile Reports
  • Show/ Event Catalogues & Results management
  • Organisation Membership management
  • Online Search Facility including a range of online functions such as Animal Registration, Coverings Declaration, Memberhip Renewal (example site:

Click here to view an example Linear Profile Report: Inspection Linear Profile Report
Click here to view an example Client Statement Report: Person Statement Report

Animal Management System Image
Animal Management System Image
Animal Management System Image