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Animal Management System

The Aldolex Animal Management System caters for the management of all equine requirements for a Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO).
The main features are as follows:

  • Animal Registration including automatic UELN generation based on the Microchip. Other features include allowance for up to 4 Microchips, identification of Foodchain Status based on EU Legislation, Animal Breeds/ Classes, Ownership, Breeder, Naming + Previous Name History
  • Marking Chart management and automated electronic filing, automated image cropping for inclusion on the passport
  • Passport generation according to current EU Legislation (including identification of Foodchain status, inclusion of Marking Chart, automatic identification of Duplicates etc.)
  • Microchip Management including purchasing/ issuing, identification of duplicates etc.
  • Coverings Management system incorporating a DNA management system (currently set up for Weatherbys DNA Results files)
  • Full Person Account Management for management of Client details such as Address, Comments, Queries and full monetary management for Account Balances in more than on currency
  • GDPR Compliance Management for each Client allowing creation and management of custom GDPR classes
  • Full auditing of Animal data changes (original adn new values stored along with date/ User/ reason for change
  • Full range of reports including Animal Pedigree/ Progeny, Animal Ownership, Client Account Balance/ Transactions, Address Labels, Detailed SAles, Sales Summary, VAT Returns, Cash Lodgements/ Withdrawls and much more
  • Animal Inspection and Linear Profile Reports
  • Show/ Event Catalogues & Results management
  • Organisation Membership management
  • Online Search Facility including a range of online functions such as Animal Registration, Coverings Declaration, Memberhip Renewal (example site:
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Click here to view an example Linear Profile Report: Inspection Linear Profile Report

Click here to view an example Client Statement Report: Person Statement Report

Online Public Access Search

See some Online Search database below powered by our Animal Management System

The online database information is automatically populated from the Animal Management System: there is no requirement for double-entry/ other management of the Web Application information.