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Custom Software

  • Do you have repetitive tasks in your process?
  • Are these tasks labour intensive?
  • Are these manual processes susceptible to Human Error?
  • Is it costing your business money?
If the answer is yes to any of the above, the answer could well be some custom software.

There are a wide range of solutions possible for every-day small (and large!) problems.

For example:
  • Excel spreadsheets containing macros/ custom code to manipulate data safely, consistently and with minimum human effort
  • MS Access databases to arrange data, print reports, analyse trends, filter data etc.
  • Full custom applications based on SQL Server/ MySQL Databases and .Net providing secure desktop/ web applications to fully manage business processes

We have a huge range of experience in both formally modelling business processes and designing/ installing custom software. We can provide desktop applications or web-based applications including Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) to meet your requirements.

Custom Software Collage

The Process

Once a problem has been identified by a Client, there may be a need for Custom Software to provide the desired outcome.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

Winston Churchill

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, only more intelligently

Henry Ford

There are many famous people with famous quotes on failure that can be applied to all walks of life and various scenarios. When it comes to software projects, there are few more villified processes. The world is littered with failed projects, many of which wasted millions.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Benjamin Franklin

The singlemost important part of the software design process is the preparation. Countless software projects have failed because of the lack of knowledge of what the outcome should be: in other words

what does the User want/ need?

Our design process centres around the User Requirements Specification or URS. This document contains all of the requirements of the finished product. It identifies the functions of the software in non-technical terms. Projects cannot succeed without a well-written, accurate and agreed URS. No amount of Scrum/ Agile Development or any other design process can compensate for the lack of this important document.

As with real life, things change. Changes must be accommodated within the Design Process but kept to a minimum. Requirements that change frequently point to poor preparation and planning. We operate a Change Control process to ensure that changes are properly thought out, executed and tested in the most efficient manner possible. The bottom line though is that changes, no matter how well planned, cost time and money and should be avoided wherever possible.

Software Design Process Flow

The Result

Good software is a product that fulfils all of the User Requirements in an efficient, cost-effective way.

It must be User-Friendly and intuitive. It must be easy to maintain and hold data, where applicable, in a safe and organised manner.

It must be easily updated to cater for new User Requirements as and when they arise.

We strive to ensure that we deliver on these objective every time.