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TrenTrace Key Performance Indicator Tracking System

Did we achieve our objectives?

How do we know if were are improving/ deteriorating?

Are we better than we were last month/ year?

If we don't measure things, how can we answer any of these questions?

By measuring certain things, we can provide objective evidence of where we are and how we stack up against where we were.

Key Performance Indicators

Good Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), if well chosen, tell the story of how the business is doing. Good KPIs should:

  • Be measurable: if they cannot be repeatably measured, they are not worth measuring
  • Be meaningful: if the figure moves up, what does this mean and vice versa? Would a KPI miss lead to corrective actions?
  • Be reflective of the Company's objectives. You should be choosing KPIs that measure whether or not you are on target to meet your strategic objectives
  • Be focussed on key Metrics: don't choose too many KPIs or you may miss the wood for the trees


TrenTrace make it almost effortless to record and present your KPI/ Metrics data on a daily/ weekly/ monthly/ annual basis. As long as your Metric can be measured numerically, it can be captured by TrenTrace.

KPIinspect has the following features:

  • Intuitive User Interface for easy, accurate data recording
  • Can handle different frequency KPIs e.g. 1 monthly, 3 monthly, annual etc.
  • Caters for Calculated/ Dependent KPIs e.g. KPI3 = KPI1/ KPI2
  • Caters for different Department Owners
  • Caters for different Categories
  • Caters for different KPI Levels e.g. Plant Level/ Department Level/ Team Level etc.
  • Can produce weekly/ monthly etc. performance graphs
  • Can capture comments relating to a specific Data Point
  • Contains a fully functional Corrective Action system with annotations on the graphs

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