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Railway Track Temperature Monitoring

Time is money! In these time, every Organisation is attempting to tighten its belt. Public Transport is no different to every other industry sector.RelayUnit  RailTel is designed specifically to save money by identifying the key areas where Permanent Way Inspectors need to be deployed to monitor Track Temperature when it climbs dangerously high.

Real Time Track Measurement

Track_Unit The RailTel system monitors the Rail Track Temperature 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It allows you to monitor Railway Track Temperature in real time without the need to send Personnel to measure manually.

Self-Contained, No protruding wires, built for the harsh Rail Network environment, RailTel is an End-to-End solution for Railway Track Temperature recording and monitoring in real time

Online Real Time Monitoring & Alarms

The system can monitor a limitless number of measurement points online. This data is available to authorised Users to view/ download for further analysis. Relevant Personnel are notified automatically via SMS &/ or email. There are configurabe Alarm Thresholds that can be set to suit the particular installation and ensure timely intervention.

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Track Buckling

Track Buckling is a very dangerous event on a railway, whether on a passenger line or freight line. The damage that could be caused by a high-speed derailment is immense. During prolonged spells of unseasonably hot weather, all lines are susceptible to the threat of buckling due to the stresses built up due to thermal expansion.

It is just not feasible to monitor every kilometre of track during periods of warm weather: RailTel gives you the information that you require in real-time to make the decisions on deploying Permanent Way Inspectors to observe and inspect track where Alarm Thresholds have been breached.

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