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Part Appraise

The Value Of Spares

  • Do you feel like your Organisation has another Production Plant sitting in spares in your Engineering Stores?
  • How much does it cost to keep these spares?
  • How much does it cost if you don't have the part in the Engineering Stores?

These are questions that everyone who has responsibility for the Engineering/ Maintenance Budget in an Organisation should be asking. The overstocking problem normally comes from the following sources:

  • The Stores Supervisor wants every spare in stock
  • The Machinery Vendor supplies a Spares list containing lots more spares than required
  • The Engineer orders larger quantities than necessary just to be sure
  • Nobody wants to take responsibility to lower stock quantities
  • There is no formal system for reviewing Stock Orders
  • There is no formal method employed to objectively calculate required stocking levels

These issues above are all generally rooted in the fact that there is no formal method of deciding the correct Stocking Level for a spare so the automatic reaction is to order "more than enough"

This is where PartAppraise comes in. It offers the following features:

  • An objective method of deciding on Stock/ Non-Stock, Stocking Levels for spares
  • It takes into account the cost of Downtime for your facility
  • It predicts the Spares usage based on its type, maintenance regime, past experience for your facility
  • It takes into account Lead Times, Delivery, Obsoletion etc. to calculate the real cost of the Spare

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